Sunday, 12 January 2014

Womanly art of breast feeding notes

Feel free to ignore this. Just making notes from my book xxx

Epidurals reduce endorfins which may reduce your babys comfort thou you are fealing less pain.They can also made our baby feal down . They cause your tempreture to rise so the baby may be treated for fever/infection.

IV fluids may distort your nipple and breast shape making latching harder.

Catecholamines are fight of flight hormones and can be triggered by being in a new envoroment (like trasfering to hospital) or unknown people and will stop or stopwdown labour befor transition starts. Its a primal reaction so you only have your baby in a safe place . If triggered after transition they will speed up labour.

Colostrum coats an antiinfective coating on new intestines and stimulates first bowl movements.]

Sunday, 5 January 2014


05 Jan 

Today Puddle and I went to a local petting farm. We'd never been to this one before and thought we'd have a day together and let Yetti have some workshop time. The animals were very sweet, sheep, cows, horses, chickens, rabbits and some small birds that I think were quales, and mice that I'm not sure wether they should have been there or not, but were very cute all the same. 

Puddle had a bag of "two legged animal feed", which he very happily told every one when we got home. 

As we walked round we saw a chicken in a tree, I'm not sure I've ever seen that before. Also infront of the quales was a very timmid stubby looking cat.

After seeing the animals I was so cold I had to go inside. We had chips and hot dogs. Puddle wanted to go on the trampoline, but as he got on rain water flowed from the buffer bumper on to the trampoline and he sat in the puddle! So In to the soft play area we went for a change of clothes. The soft play area was in a poly tunnel, so that was very cold. So much so Puddle chose to have his shoes back on instead of staying on the play equiptment. While he did want to play I played with him as much as I could. 

Once frozen we went in to the cafe and had cake and milkyway stars till Yetti came and picked us up.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

One of my goals for the new year was to write a blog every day. Then I got hit by a bug, but I am all recovered now so no more excuses! Another one of my goals is to take a photo a day. So I shall start my new blog with photos!

01 Jan '14

Dibble our new cat. He is a rescue cat from Cyprus. From a wonderful charity . They help home cats and dogs, some of them are brought to the UK for rehoming and Dibble was waiting for a forever home at a foster home near us. We went to visit and fell in love :) We had visited another cat who we just didn't click with. So glad we waited for the right furball.


02 Jan 

Puddle being the number four. Puddle now has his own bed which he seams to tollerate. He often tells me he doesn't like being alone in bed so most nights I get him to sleep while I'm in bed with him. I must admit I'm happy with that, I would miss our cuddles!

03 Jan.

Yet another new year goal is to play my fiddle every night for 15 minutes. I have not been great at this one, again due to the bug, then Puddle not going to bed early enough. But last night I managed it. Puddle found his tin whistle and came and we played "band". I really enjoyed it. I felt really confidant with us both freestyling in D and it sounding not painfull! The cat looked alarmed but stayed in the room :). I re-found my love for the scale of G on the G and D string. Love those lower notes. NEED to get a cello! I would love to learn the Toby Dog song from Abney and Teal.

04 Jan

Dibble investigating Puddle in the bath playing with Octonauts. 

So those are the 365 photos so far. 

My thoughts are evolving on home education. I really really wanted Oak Meadows to work, and maybe it will down the line but just not right now, and I'm no longer going to beat my self up about it. At the moment Puddles learning style is talking about maths, he can now do addition sums using 1-10, when you ask him and that's going well. He has asked me to get books on lady birds and butterflys from the libruary. He is also interested in space, so I'm getting books on that and we will go to the space center next week. 

it's a great book about the solar system in poetry. I read it to Puddle tonight while he was in the bath and hes asked for it again in the morning. :) 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Here are some photos from October so far :)

Puddles counting our pebbles on a sunny day and making a spiral and a line. Very Richard Long! He is currently very in to counting and keeps asking if certain numbers are the highest number. 

After the pebbles he went to watch Yetti playing with his kit car. Puddles knows how to check the oil in the car already!

Earlyer in the day Yetti and Puddles worked on writing the names of the octonauts. Printales from

On a colder day Puddles decided we all needed hats on. The Bolt stance is a current photo pose favorite of Puddles'.

Yetti came home one day (as he does occasionally) with a random ebay buy. A box of car cards. The two of them havd a great time going through them

 Puddles making the number ten.

On the train to gloucestershire to see my folks. Again with the Bolt pose.

Meeting up with friends in Gloucester. We went to Frankie and Benny's and it took 45 mins for a our food to come and they managed to get mine wrong twice!

Whilst craft supply shopping with my mum Puddles spotted this red "Poc Poc"

Mum and Puddles made a WONDERFUL pudding almost like a pudding omlet swiss roll. It was very yummy.Here is Puddles putting on the strawberrys for it to be rolled up :)

Home Ed Ideas.

Tommorow I have Puddles all to my self so I want to do some activities.

Using apples to print then numbering them one to twenty and hang them up on the birthday card line in the house.

Rainbow words. writing a word in black then useing different coloured crayons to write over the word.

Bubble painting.

Using marbles and a tray to paint.

I think that is enough to be getting on with :) We will head in to the city tomorrow to get Yetti some car parts and maybe stop for wagamamas too :)

Today I went to my breast feeding peer support training course. My confidance is slowly building with the course. Thou I feel there is still a great deal to learn. Today our usual tutor was away so we had some one else, and the session was much less informal, lots of chatting about personal experiances instead of power point presentations. Next session is about hand espressing so we have all been given a knitted boob to practice and demonstrate on :D.

Diet wise today I had a carrot for breakfast, 2 carrots and an apple for lunch, a bowl of fat free spicy onion and lentle soup for home-from-course-need-to-eat and square of dark chocolate, Dinner was a bowl of cerial, a bowl of soup and a homouse wrap (and a tiny bit of homouse wrap that Puddles didn't eat and a piece of apple he didn't eat. Must stop eating his left overs!)

Friday, 11 October 2013

Chugga chugga CHOO CHOOO!

Today has been a day of trains.

I got up at 11am as per my 40 day challenge. I felt very anxiouse about hanging around the house when I didn't need to leave for hours. I think one of my next 40 day challenges will be just "being" in the house, but not yet, I have enough goals and I don't feel ready for that one just yet.

After packing we had an hour or so to kill so I decided to treat Yetti to Pizza Express. Out the window went my no dairy and no bread goal. But I've decided to keep it as a goal even if I stumble occasionaly.

Puddles was as always very good on the train. He wants me to play octonaughts with him (he has the little figures.) I find make believe play SO hard, also the repetitiveness (Rescuing the same charictor again and again) But I am slowly learning how to just BE with him and be on wave length and in his space. It's very hard but hopefully he will rememeber me as a mummy who was there for him when he askes to play, and not a mummy who ignores him to play on her phone as I so often tend to be. I have so many wonderfull memories of playing with Ro who was my sort of foster mother. She would play with me for hours letting me do really repetative games like play cooking and letting me ride on and look after my rocking horses while the horse "gave birth" to my many My Little Ponys. She would just let me play and be there for me as I needed her. She was a genius with children and my inspiration and idol.

Any way back to trains! Our first train was 14 minutes late so I had very little time to grab my prescription from the chemist and dash to the next station for our next train. We made it with a minute or two to spare. So we are now at my Mum and Step dads house till tuesday. Puddles is missing Yetti greatly already :(

Tomorrow I will hook my phone up to the wifi here and get some photos uploaded!

Much love Bx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Today I took Puddles to Birmingham by train. We went to meet up with a friend to eat Wagamamas and to fabric shop. My friend was late so Puddles and I looked round a toy shop. Puddles kept pointing at stuff wanting it. I had to say "no" so much. Wish I could buy him everything! I love spoiling him.

At Wagamams I had ginger chicken udon. Yummy, and my last meat and processed grain dinner for the next 40 days. I am challenging my self for the next 40 days to :

Right! I'm In! My goals:

No bread or wheat pasta
No things that should go on bread but are on a spoon due to the no bread rule (peanut butter on a spoon, nutella on as spoon ect.) 
No dairy apart from whats in quorn.

Blog every day. Even if its a couple of words to sum up what I've done.
Take a photo of Puddles every day.
Get up at 11 every day even if it means I come down and flop on the sofa, no more hiding from black dogs in bed.
Read a chapter of a book every day.

Think that's enough to be getting on with!

Today's fabric shop was for my little business making cloth sanitary pads, hot waterbottle covers and wet bags. I found some lovley fabrics mostly pinks and girly fabrics and lots of zips.