Friday, 18 November 2011


I have started college, one day a week. Its a taster for lots of different types of jewellery making. I wanted to do the silver smithing course but was to late in enrolling :(. I was unhappy with the course I got on, but I think now it will be good for me to learn basic beading, I can't loose anything by doing the course, and its a day for me doing something creative outside the home. So I am going to persevear. I hope it becomes less chatty thou and more creative. I made a ring that I ADORE using two differnt size Swarovski stars and square silver wire. I will take lovly photos soon and upload them, its a bit frajile so I shall remodle it next week. My teacher said I may be using to expensive-a beads, but they are SO pretty, I think I will get a good price for them online, maby not on the market stall we have to do on the 18th of dec, but if they dont sell there I am not to bothered.

Im starting to enjoy the 7.11am bus to get there.

I need to start making MIL's scout badge blanket, It will be simpler than I imagined, but thats ok with me!

I am continuing to work on my purple photo album with relife guitar and vines and silver leaves. I love it, definatly will keep it for my self, and put some photos of Yettie and Puddles and my self in.

Photos soon I hope!

Bruum brum brruuuummmmm

Its all about transport currently with Puddles. The last two days he has enjoyed lining his cars up "RACE! RACE!"He says. Lineing then up in the other direction, "Traffic jam!" I tell him.

Sitting on the floor with knees bent has been my job recently, so that I my legs can be used as a bridge with a car park under them. I have also had to sit on the sofa with my feet on the chair to be a bridge again, Puddles will join me in making this bridge. I have bought him a couple of brio bridges for Puddles for xmas, tempted to break them out befor xmas thou!

"Me..." By Emma Dodd, and Spot goes to the farm, continue to be favorite books, and he STILL wont sit threw monkey puzzle, by Julia Donaldson, one day I will sit and read it to my self to see if he ever finds his mummy!