Sunday, 1 January 2012

Project 365

This year I will do a project 365, a photo for every day of the year. Mostly of Puddles. Yesterday I took Puddles to the park on my own. This was a huge achievement for me! At the moment if I get down stairs and dressed its an achievement. So we went and I let Puddles stop to look at every leaf, brick and manhole cover that he wanted too. I really struggle with stopping and enjoying the journey, but It was great fun, we ended up chasing each other around a manhole cover.

Puddles stopped outside the pub pointing to what I thought was the window getting very excited. I couldn't see what he was on about untill I crouched to his level and spotted the source of the excitement. This lovely ladybird.

Puddles legs gave up on him just before we gotto the park so he went in the buggy. Puddles has developed a fear of some of the play equiptment so I had to go on the bridge and slide with him which was fun, then we played on both the baby swing then with Puddles on my knee on the big swings. I loved it, I will make a bigger effeort more to take him out. We Played at the park for about 20 minutes before Yetti arrived. It was so nice to be outdoors haveing a giggle with my tiny tribe.

Today, the first of Jan I had a alot of trouble getting out of bed. I got up around 2 and Puddles and I blew bubbles. He has learned to catch bubbles with the bubble wand then you can blow more bubbles from that one bubble. It amazed me what he notices me doing then copies. Yetti and puddles went to my inlaws while I had a bit of a tidy befor dinner. I did the sitting room (including hoovering!) and some of the stairs. I cooked a bean chilli for tea which was yummy. I tryed the new easy cook rice which tasted odd so I melted butter on it. Was yummy. Puddles desided 6 45pm was bed time and fell asleep very easily with his teddy. I love him x

Happy near year!

Happy near year lovely readers.

This year is the year of happyness and productivity!

I am going to really give my book binding and enemeling business REAL GO! These are a few things I need to do.

Order banana paper
Order recycled mill board
Order more coloured paper for coveres
Order Gems to go on the front.

I need to finish the guitar book and make another seeing if I can get the same effect with the thicker black paper as that would make my book stronger.

I am watching dave gormans googlewack adventures at the moment. I have seen this so many times but I love it.