Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I am not pro or anti the monarchy but our village had a jubilee celebration and as I am very pro village and community we went along. Yetti lasted about 4 minutes and decided to pootle up to the allotment.

Puddles and I enjoyed our stay, playing bowls, thou he keeped moving the jack. Throwing a bean bag in a hoop, and my favorite decorating a crown. I sat and had a nice chat with the C the lady who was organising the arts and crafts. Her husband had organised the sports but the kids did not want to be organised and scattered with variouse equiptment!

Puddles also had fun playing at the park going up and down the slides alot. There were some other kids running about too and he was trying so hard to join in but they were ignoring him :( poor boy. 


I had set up an invitation for Tuesday consisting of circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons cut out of sugar paper. The idea of the game was to name them and match them up so you end up with a pile of each. Puddles got board of this pretty quick and ended up gluing them instead.


Today Yetti went out to see if he could fix our car. No such luck :( It needs an expencive part and we arn't sure if its worth fixing, and we would like a car now, so Yetti is going to have a look at a car tomorow, its not an auto so I can't drive it but it will do for now! I Yetti is working on a volvo amazon auto I can't WAIT till its finnished so I can learn to drive in it! But for now we are stuck with the bus, which is great I love the bus but my mobility at the moment has taken a plumet and getting to the bus stop is a feet in itself. I think my mobility scooter will have to come our of retirement for a while, so I can get to the allotment and park and get Puddles to nursery. 

Talking about nursery, or preschool or what ever you want to call it. Puddles is going two afternoons a week. Its a great nursery that's totaly play based, and all the ages are in together which I love. He goes to play with other kids as I am really not up to going to mum and baby groups at the moment, and so I can do some book binding or rest and Yetti can go and play with his cars if I am ok to be left. It's working for us at the moment, but we arn't look at it as school and so we are doing our pre school work at home :).

I was worried that all his friends would be going off to the big school and he would be the only one who wasn't, but it seams lots of kids go to schools in other villages so he won't be the only one not going with his friends. In the mean time I hope he makes friends at the HE Group.

Today Puddles did his first drawing of Yetti. 

You cant see it well but there are eyes nose and mouth and his right hand has fingers ! I'm so pleased with this drawing progression! 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Scary turned wonderful

Today I had Puddles on my own for 6 hours. This is a HUGE achievement for me as generally I can't be with out Yetti for more than three hours with out going mental.

Our day when like this :

Playing hiding under the duvet in bed until I was awake enough for us to go down stairs.

I drew lots of number 12s in bubble letters so Puddles could paint them in. He can recognise 1-10 really well so now we are working on 11-20. I can't remember why I didn't start with 11.....

Puddles played on the Numtums game online while I drew dotted lines on some paper in the shape of numbers one to ten. I put this sheet in a plastic pocket (the things you have lots of in a folder to protect each sheet). Puddles then used a white board dry erase pen to join up the dots to make letters .

This worked really well, both Puddles and I were really happy with the results. He was espeshally pleased with his number 5 and requested a photo be taken of it! So here it is!

After a while I could see he'd lost interest when he started being very scribbley. 

He went to the sofa and asked to watch numtums but I am trying to reduce his screen time and I knew later on in the day I would be exhasuted, so wanted to save the screen time for then, So he settled for cutting up a painting he'd done a few days ago with his new scissors. 

We then moved back to the messy mat, (A wonderfull peice of oil cloth in an ice cream print) and glued the newly cut bits of painting to some paper. Puddles did a picture of an elephant and an octopus. :)

I desided to have a quick test of his number recognition on 1-10 by using the flip side of the page of numbers he'd been drawing on earlyer. I wrote 1-10 jumbled up on the page and asked him to rub out random numbers. He did really well, I'm sure he's got those numbers nailed.

This was followed by glueing and glitter! Puddles has never had shakey glitter befor so he was extatic about them! I ended up putting chopped up card in the lid of the shakers to cover most of the holes or it would have gone even more all over the place than it already did! Messy mat, paper and child compleatly covered in glitter. 

Now it was cooking time, we cooked some play dough

1 cup of  water 
1 cup of salt
1/2 a cup of flour 
On a high heat on the hob untill it came together in a ball. 

I had to add about another half cup of flour to make it come together.

I rolled the play dough in the glitter on the mat for sparkley playdough (and a quick way to clean up!)

The play dough was some snakes and then snails and Puddles told me birds eat snails, I didn't know he knew that! 

Puddles also enjoyed cutting the play dough with scissors. 

By this time we were tired so we snuggled down to watch Cars, and I rang my mum to say happy birthday. Puddles got board of cars part way through so we watched the ever popular Octonauts on Iplayer.

We had JUST started cooking tea when The Yetti came home and we had meat free flat sausages rice egg and peas for tea! 

Now its time for bed! Good night!