Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Here are some things puddle has been foing lately.  He is working on writing his letters. I printed out some letter practicing sheets and put them in s plastic wallet so he can use dry eraze pens on it. Im going to print some full alphabet sheets as learning one letter at a time had gone out the window in favor of learning them all at once. He can identify all his letters now phonetically, need to work on the proper names now.

We've also been baking cakes and flap jacks using the baking kit from aunty Beckie and uncle omar. The cakes were terribe. To much bicarb in them. But the flap jacks were delicious.

We have been having lots of conversations like thus :
Me: please bring your empty yoghurt pot to the kitchen.
Puddles: I cant! I've got bendy arms!

And today s sweet conversation
Me: mummy feals porly
P: why?
Me: because I have a bug
P: is it a lady bird or a caterpillar?

I have started making my own bread. I have adspred my favourite pizza dough recipe and it turned out pretty well.