Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Washing up and fish and chip babies.

A friend of mine asked me if I would teach some of the women from church how to crochet. I said yes delightedly, but then remembered that we are going away this weekend, so today I went to her house and taught her to crochet Grannie Squares that can then be made in to a blanket. It was great fun to have a chat and to catch up with her, I haven't seen her in ages!

The blankets (and other knitted things) are needed in Africa for the "fish and chip babies", These are babies who are being sent home wrapped in newspaper as there are no clothes for them. Charities are putting together packs of jumpers, cardigans, hats and blankets for mothers to be who attend anti-natal clinics, And the women in our village have been knitting like mad for them! So I have joined in with my crochet hook and have started a blanket. 

I sat this evening watching "World's Strictest Parents" and crocheted these two squares, to be made in to a blanket. I had forgotten how relaxing crocheting is. I am aiming to do one an evening for the next few nights so I don't over whelm my self trying to to many! 

When I got home from my friends, washing up had to be done. Puddle asked if he could help me so I set him up with a mixing bowl of water, some dirty cutlery and a tray. He happily washed the cutlery with a duck scrubbing brush for 10 minutes or so before getting board. 

Home Ed Group


On monday Puddle and I went to our local Home Ed group. It was ment to be on the theme of James and The Giant Peach by Rohl Dahl but some of the children who are very in to Harry potter had been making toy pygmy puffs, wants, chocolate frogs and chocolate frog cards. The stall was a big hit with all the kids and nearly all bought a magic wand. They spend the group running around hexing each other and casting spells. It was great fun to watch, although I had to hold my self back from saying "that's not very nice!" Or words to that effect when some children where doing the "Avada Kedavra" (The killing curse).cure at each other. Also had to hold my toung and not tell the parents "abracadabra" was not a proper harry potter spell. 

I like that they remembered to have a petrified cat next to the sign.

Puddle is to young for harry potter so played with the cars (ofcourse!) for a while. We sat and did one of the activites together which was the life cycle of a lady bird. I did not know that lady birds had lavae and cucoon elements to thier life cycles, you learn something new every day! 

I had a lovely time chatting with some other mums and got to cuddle an 8 month old baby who was very cute and smilie. 

Here is Puddle's bee that he very carefully coloured in. He is usually more of a scribbler, but he really consentrated on this. The little card is a chocolate frog card that one of the children made.

At the end Puddles Yetti and I played in the park on the round about for 15 minutes before we went home. 

Friday, 19 April 2013


A few weeks ago Yetti bought a juicer. I was very skeptical at first, I drink a lot of juice and thought a juicer would just be a lot of faf and expense but I have been proven wrong. The juice is delicious  I haven't been very experimental apart from discovering I don't like carrot juice or kiwi juice, but Yetti did leave the skin on the kiwi which might have had something to do with it.....

I LOVE just plain apple juice and have been trying differnt varietys of apple. I love the froth on the top too. Its like the fresh made juice in Wagamamas.

Puddle likes dropping the fruit in 

The only negative thing about the juicer is that it takes A LOT of washing up. Some days I've just not had any juice as I couldn't be bothered to do the cleaning! Must work the cleaning in to my evening routeen so its ready for the morning. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Poorly Puddle

Puddle has not been very well the last few days. He is being sick at night and very sleepy during the day, lots of falling asleep on the sofa which is very unlike him. So not much has been happening, he has been missing nursery too :( So here is a photo of a sleepy boy.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Day in Spring

Today is the first day that has felt like Spring had sprung. It was warm but windy and just right for a walk. So Puddles and I set off to find and photograph some flowers. We didn't get very far but Puddles was quite taken with these Daisys

Not sure what this one is.....answers on a postcard.

.....and some daffodills.

I have been letting Puddles take as many photos as safe for him and the camera, so expect to see a lot more tiny fingers. Puddles told me all about how flowers contain honey for the bees. I was pretty sure that wasn't right so we asked Grandad who said bees make honey from pollen, but google says bees make honey from nectar that the flowers produce to attract insects, the bees transfer pollen from one plant to another to fertilse them. So now you know! 

We got as far as Grandad's house and then went in for a drink and to help him battle facebook (facebook won :( )
Yetti met us there and we all went to the supermarket. On the way home Puddles and I played in the park whilst Yetti had a nap in the car.

I love out local park all the toys are wooden and it looks out over a lovely playing field. Unfortunately other users haven't worked out what the bin is for and it is often scattered with beer cans fast food wrappers and today a dirty nappy. I must remember to take a litter picker with me when I go next! 

Saturday, 13 April 2013


......So! Now I am thinking and researching invitations to play and learn I came across this.....

I have set up a Pyrex baking tray sprinkled with bicarb. Some distilled vinegar with food colouring in and some pipettes. 

Puddles was very happy to suck up the vinegar and make the bicarb fizz in a volcanic way

I explained to him that the vinegar is an acid and the bicarb is an alkaline and together they make a reaction  He didn't ask any questions just wanted to play so I left it at that. 

When he was done with that he asked me to fill the bowl with water which I did. 

Puddles then went round the room collecting small objects and dropping them in to see what floats, (straws sponges and wooden beads) and what sinks (marbles and pennys). He did this for quite a while, so I just let him play!

Today he asked to make "volcanos" again so I set it up exactly like before and he played with it. Then he wanted to make finger prints so I set up a painting station on the messy mat.

Finger painting turned in to hand painting and in to foot painting then in to arm painting, which resulted in a very green boy being thrown in the bath with the octonauts. A mid day bath totaly threw him and he assumed he was going to bed afterwards (and wasn't happy about it!)

Home Education Waffle.

I keep having to remind my self that learning isn't all about maths and English. In fact at Puddles age (3 and a half) it should be hardly about those things at all. I also need to let go of the notion that he will learn on my terms. This isn't true and it isn't right either. I want to raise an independent learner who likes to seek things out and obsess about things he loves and go with his own flow. Through my home educated years I loved to be up in the middle of the night doing maths or sit and do beautiful watercolour annotated diagrams of the heart. I love that that's what I loved to do, and still do for that matter. I am defiantly a self driven life long learner, and I feel that its that LOVE for learning and the DRIVE to want to know more, that is my job and privalage to help install and nurture in Puddles. 

I have friends who have really been bashed by the school system and their love of learning and that need to learn has been drilled out of them, and the fear or not being perfect installed in them. This saddens me to the bottom of my heart, learning should never be a chore or something to fear it should be a gift from one generation to another. 

My drive to teach him how to read stems from this place of nurturing and love, as once you can read, wow, every little piece of information about anything and everything is available to you, I find that pretty mind blowing don't you? With that in mind I have been keen to get Puddles reading, but at the moment he is rejecting a lot of that guidance so I'm stepping back and taking his cues so I don't inadvertently batter his brain before we even properly get started!

.......And in steps my Waldorf / Steiner reading. From what my foggy brain understands, (apart from the spiritual bit which I'm not so keen on.) it talks about keeping the child in childhood for as long as possible. Lots of Role play and general playing, lots of reading stories and being in a dreamy state for as long as they need it. Montessori also talks about sort of soaking up knowledge by doing "work" weither its building tower blocks or playing with latches. Children learn, Puddles will learn, practical hands on stuff from just letting him be while he is tiny, All I need to do is provide opportunities  I needn't even really do that, but I think that's one step to far for my control freekish nature ^_^. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Daan Saaff

For the first week of April Puddle and I went down south, to see his God Mother, Mousey, and her son Toes. We haven't seen them since Alchemy festival last September so we were very excited. Usually I only go down for a couple of days so this time we planned something for nearly every day of the week. The pinical of our trip for Puddles was that we went to the sea life center and...............wait for it.................................................................... MET THE OCTONAUTS! As soon as we got in to the station there were posters plastered every where COME SEE THE we did! 

Mousey still has the photos of the actual meeting on her camera but here are a few of the sealife centre. This is one of Puddle's photos, can't remember what it was but he said it was his favorite fish! 

We had been watching finding nemo at Mousey's before coming out to the sealife centre so it was fun to see some real clown fish. They also had a Dori fish and some other ones from the movie. I think I got more of a kick out of seeing them than the Puddles did!

Puddle and Toes on a Rosie and Jim ride. Us being horrible mean parents didn't put any money in, but they enjoyed it all the same! I got another squashed penny for my collection too :)

Mousey tickling s shark's tummy. We also watched a turtle form this spot for a while :)

Mousey showing Puddle something. She hasn't grown an extra set of arms and legs. She has Toes strapped to her back in a Softai . I forgot my sling so used the softai lots to carry Puddle about. Its the most comfortable sling I've uses. Will definatly be getting my own if I ever had more kids!  Puddles shared Toe's bed time for about 10pm while we were there so he needed a nap in the day, which he took whilst we were out and about and he was on my back in the softai!

Puddles met Paso and Captain Barnicles at the sealife center, he was a bit nervouse of them (they were huge!) But he did have his photo taken. Photos to come later when Mousey uploads them!

On Wednesday we went on the train to see a friend of ours (creater of ) We all went to a home ed group. It was a pretty small group compared to the one here but it was lovley to sit and natter with some mums while Puddles and Toes played cars and foot ball. One of the mums lives in a lorrie with her daughter who she home eds. It made me miss our truck allot .

On Thursday Toes' dad and his family came down to see Toes and we all went swimming. Was lovely to see him and his family, he is Puddles godfather but doesn't see him often!

The t-shirt Puddles is wearing is a christmas presant from Mousey. She dyed it herself. Puddles had asked for a purple shirt, I think it rocks! I may need one for my self.

On friday we went to a mother and baby group that Mousey helps to run. 

on Saterday Mousey's mum came over and mousey made a raw vegan cheese cake which was AMAZING 

Mousey is a rawish vegan and I am a sugartarian so she needed to find things to suite us both, the cheesecake was perfect and she also made raw chocolate brownies. So very yummy. We all went to the pier to look for the south african food shop to get Yetti his favorite ketchup, but the shop had shut down :( Here is Puddles test driving Toes' balance bike
He didn't really get the hang of it, just walked along straddling the bike. Oh well, he will get it at some point! 

Mouseys kitchen is amazing. There is fruit everywhere (she gets threw about a hundred bananas a week) So I spend all the week nibbling on bananas and apples and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.and I didnt loose a thing! Nope! Nada! Not even a Lb! Was so disapointed!. I was really stricked with my self too each night I was desperate for buiscuits but I would have a banana instead. Boo hiss body! 

Thankfully the boys were really easy to get to bed, all four of us snuggled in Mousey's bed, where we read some stories and the boys nodded off to sleep. Mousey has a lasor mood light thing but it was to distracting for Puddles. At midnight each night I picked puddles up, put him on the potty then snuggled him down to sleep on the bean bag sofa so that Mousey and Mr. Mouse could get in to bed. 

On sunday it was sunny so we made a dash for the park. Its a lovley park but its on two levels connected by a slide so its easy to loose small people. Puddles was wearing his bobble hat so I had to keep a look out for a bobble poking out from the toys or bobbing along a fence. I had a maxi bon but didn't really enjoy it as I had to hide it from the boys. Stealth ice cream isn't so good! 

On the way home Puddles and I shared a milkshake and a pretzel as we always do when going through St. Pancras.