Monday, 9 September 2013

Preperation for tomorrows first day of Oak Meadow

Tomorrow I plan to start Oak Meadow with Puddle. We will start the day with circle time. I will put a play silk on the floor and light a candle and start with the verse

"Morning has come, 
Night is away.
We rise with the sun,
To welcome the day"

Then we will go through finger plays he already knows. Clap your hands together, The scarecrow song, two little dickie birds, and I will introduce Little Miss Muppet. 

Closing the circle time with 

I can be as small as a small small read, 
I can be as tall as a tall tall tree.

and blow the candle out. 

I will then read him the first Beatrix Potter story as set out in the Curriculum. 
I will then draw an "A" and a gate around in and encorage Puddle to do the same. 
I will explain to him that "A" can be an A as in Gate but also A as in Apple and Adam. 
After that I shall write some words with A in and get him to find them. 
I will put some wool on the floor in the shape of an A and get Puddle to walk, jump, hop its shape or I may sprinkle flour on the grass in an A shape and do the excersises on that depending on the weather. 

For Maths preperation we will do some puzzles.

Creative play will be up to Puddles.

I will start science in our second session of the day. As per the Curric. Puddle and I will draw things that remind us of summer. We may go out for a walk and photograph some summery things that are still about. 

So! That's the plan! Lets see how much I can actually do :) 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Oak Meadow Kindergarten

Hey every body!

Today I started reading The Oak Meadow Kindergarten Syllabus. So far it has covered that the children should have a rhythm to their day, so breakfast,  Circle time, morning main lesson, free creative play, lunch, afternoon hour, free play, dinner, free play, bedtime routeen.

I will need to tweak this a bit as generally I am not well in the mornings so planning stuff then seams a bit counter productive. Mornings Puddle plays with his dad, they eat breakfast then go to the park or the workshop. I think its great Puddles has this time with his dad so I don't to interrupt that either.

So our circle time and main lesson will be in the after noon; this will focus on maths or and language arts Then some free play and maybe an afternoon lesson covering science or arts crafts and music. I'm not sure puddles is up for hour long lessons yet so I will just follow his lead and not push when hes had enough.

 I would love to have more of a ritual around meal times. We have no table in the house so we cant sit down together round one. So at the moment its eating off out laps in front of the telly. :( When we move, a dining table is a priority for me. I loved eating round the table when I was younger spending time with family and hearing how every ones day was.

The rest of what I have read so far was a break down of the above routeen. The how to do free creative play is very helpful. Talking about getting clothes from charity shops for dress up, using real food (tins, packets and fresh produce) so that they get to imitate what they see around them more. I've noticed at Puddles' age he is really keen to imitate what I am doing and saying, he will play out events or stories that have happened through  out the day.

The syllabus also recommends a nature table. I am going to turn the top of our electric stove in to a nature table for leaves and conkers and whatever other treasures Puddles' finds on our walks. I must also DO more walks with him, even if its to the end of the road and back. It will soon be autumn and the leaves will be changing and falling, perfect for crunching under foot. We need to go bramble picking soon too. I know when the cold weather kicks in I will be wanting bramble and apple crumble. Best get the freezer stocked!

Just a quick post with a batch of photos!

On Monday the 26th August Yetti and I took Puddles to the cinima for the first time. We went to see Planes. We went to Frankie and Benny's first where Puddle had some corn on the cob. 

He really enjoyed his popcorn. He did leave the cinima for a quick run up and down the hallway mid film but was fine after that and enjoyed the film. He even got up and had a boogie to the music of the closing credits.

A Page full of balloons.

 We recenetly got a slimline dish washer for the kitchen. It is useless as our dished are to tall for it! But Puddles has enjoyed having a new castle to play in and decorate. With everything from shapes I cut out for him. Thou he was adamant he didn't want shapes so I had to be careful not to cut any shapes he recognized! he also picked all the dandelions before Yetti cut the lawn and stuck those all over one side of the box. Today he has been writing sums on the box. He confuses = and + so very little of the sums were do able but it shows he's thinking about them and still interested in numbers.

Puddles' writing is improving quickly. Here is him copying the names of his favorite tv charictors.

Here are his party invites which I just told him which letters to write and he wrote them with out any help. I am SO proud. He's doing so well!

For some reason for  Toby's invite he insisted he needed dots to follow. I refused so he drew the dots himself and then wrote following them! he got his b and p muddled here, and he put the Y at the begining but its still pretty good!

Puddles is really in to this wipe clean book at the moment. Its a Disney cars maths book. Again I had to quell my urge to correct him and get him to do the activity properly but he insisted he drew tiny wheels for baby cars. Must remember exercises like this are great for developing pen control and will help him more with his writing.