Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Today I took Puddles to Birmingham by train. We went to meet up with a friend to eat Wagamamas and to fabric shop. My friend was late so Puddles and I looked round a toy shop. Puddles kept pointing at stuff wanting it. I had to say "no" so much. Wish I could buy him everything! I love spoiling him.

At Wagamams I had ginger chicken udon. Yummy, and my last meat and processed grain dinner for the next 40 days. I am challenging my self for the next 40 days to :

Right! I'm In! My goals:

No bread or wheat pasta
No things that should go on bread but are on a spoon due to the no bread rule (peanut butter on a spoon, nutella on as spoon ect.) 
No dairy apart from whats in quorn.

Blog every day. Even if its a couple of words to sum up what I've done.
Take a photo of Puddles every day.
Get up at 11 every day even if it means I come down and flop on the sofa, no more hiding from black dogs in bed.
Read a chapter of a book every day.

Think that's enough to be getting on with!

Today's fabric shop was for my little business making cloth sanitary pads, hot waterbottle covers and wet bags. I found some lovley fabrics mostly pinks and girly fabrics and lots of zips.

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