Friday, 11 October 2013

Chugga chugga CHOO CHOOO!

Today has been a day of trains.

I got up at 11am as per my 40 day challenge. I felt very anxiouse about hanging around the house when I didn't need to leave for hours. I think one of my next 40 day challenges will be just "being" in the house, but not yet, I have enough goals and I don't feel ready for that one just yet.

After packing we had an hour or so to kill so I decided to treat Yetti to Pizza Express. Out the window went my no dairy and no bread goal. But I've decided to keep it as a goal even if I stumble occasionaly.

Puddles was as always very good on the train. He wants me to play octonaughts with him (he has the little figures.) I find make believe play SO hard, also the repetitiveness (Rescuing the same charictor again and again) But I am slowly learning how to just BE with him and be on wave length and in his space. It's very hard but hopefully he will rememeber me as a mummy who was there for him when he askes to play, and not a mummy who ignores him to play on her phone as I so often tend to be. I have so many wonderfull memories of playing with Ro who was my sort of foster mother. She would play with me for hours letting me do really repetative games like play cooking and letting me ride on and look after my rocking horses while the horse "gave birth" to my many My Little Ponys. She would just let me play and be there for me as I needed her. She was a genius with children and my inspiration and idol.

Any way back to trains! Our first train was 14 minutes late so I had very little time to grab my prescription from the chemist and dash to the next station for our next train. We made it with a minute or two to spare. So we are now at my Mum and Step dads house till tuesday. Puddles is missing Yetti greatly already :(

Tomorrow I will hook my phone up to the wifi here and get some photos uploaded!

Much love Bx

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