Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Home Ed Ideas.

Tommorow I have Puddles all to my self so I want to do some activities.

Using apples to print then numbering them one to twenty and hang them up on the birthday card line in the house.

Rainbow words. writing a word in black then useing different coloured crayons to write over the word.

Bubble painting.

Using marbles and a tray to paint.

I think that is enough to be getting on with :) We will head in to the city tomorrow to get Yetti some car parts and maybe stop for wagamamas too :)

Today I went to my breast feeding peer support training course. My confidance is slowly building with the course. Thou I feel there is still a great deal to learn. Today our usual tutor was away so we had some one else, and the session was much less informal, lots of chatting about personal experiances instead of power point presentations. Next session is about hand espressing so we have all been given a knitted boob to practice and demonstrate on :D.

Diet wise today I had a carrot for breakfast, 2 carrots and an apple for lunch, a bowl of fat free spicy onion and lentle soup for home-from-course-need-to-eat and square of dark chocolate, Dinner was a bowl of cerial, a bowl of soup and a homouse wrap (and a tiny bit of homouse wrap that Puddles didn't eat and a piece of apple he didn't eat. Must stop eating his left overs!)

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