Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Here are some photos from October so far :)

Puddles counting our pebbles on a sunny day and making a spiral and a line. Very Richard Long! He is currently very in to counting and keeps asking if certain numbers are the highest number. 

After the pebbles he went to watch Yetti playing with his kit car. Puddles knows how to check the oil in the car already!

Earlyer in the day Yetti and Puddles worked on writing the names of the octonauts. Printales from

On a colder day Puddles decided we all needed hats on. The Bolt stance is a current photo pose favorite of Puddles'.

Yetti came home one day (as he does occasionally) with a random ebay buy. A box of car cards. The two of them havd a great time going through them

 Puddles making the number ten.

On the train to gloucestershire to see my folks. Again with the Bolt pose.

Meeting up with friends in Gloucester. We went to Frankie and Benny's and it took 45 mins for a our food to come and they managed to get mine wrong twice!

Whilst craft supply shopping with my mum Puddles spotted this red "Poc Poc"

Mum and Puddles made a WONDERFUL pudding almost like a pudding omlet swiss roll. It was very yummy.Here is Puddles putting on the strawberrys for it to be rolled up :)

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