Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

One of my goals for the new year was to write a blog every day. Then I got hit by a bug, but I am all recovered now so no more excuses! Another one of my goals is to take a photo a day. So I shall start my new blog with photos!

01 Jan '14

Dibble our new cat. He is a rescue cat from Cyprus. From a wonderful charity . They help home cats and dogs, some of them are brought to the UK for rehoming and Dibble was waiting for a forever home at a foster home near us. We went to visit and fell in love :) We had visited another cat who we just didn't click with. So glad we waited for the right furball.


02 Jan 

Puddle being the number four. Puddle now has his own bed which he seams to tollerate. He often tells me he doesn't like being alone in bed so most nights I get him to sleep while I'm in bed with him. I must admit I'm happy with that, I would miss our cuddles!

03 Jan.

Yet another new year goal is to play my fiddle every night for 15 minutes. I have not been great at this one, again due to the bug, then Puddle not going to bed early enough. But last night I managed it. Puddle found his tin whistle and came and we played "band". I really enjoyed it. I felt really confidant with us both freestyling in D and it sounding not painfull! The cat looked alarmed but stayed in the room :). I re-found my love for the scale of G on the G and D string. Love those lower notes. NEED to get a cello! I would love to learn the Toby Dog song from Abney and Teal.

04 Jan

Dibble investigating Puddle in the bath playing with Octonauts. 

So those are the 365 photos so far. 

My thoughts are evolving on home education. I really really wanted Oak Meadows to work, and maybe it will down the line but just not right now, and I'm no longer going to beat my self up about it. At the moment Puddles learning style is talking about maths, he can now do addition sums using 1-10, when you ask him and that's going well. He has asked me to get books on lady birds and butterflys from the libruary. He is also interested in space, so I'm getting books on that and we will go to the space center next week. 

it's a great book about the solar system in poetry. I read it to Puddle tonight while he was in the bath and hes asked for it again in the morning. :) 

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