Sunday, 12 January 2014

Womanly art of breast feeding notes

Feel free to ignore this. Just making notes from my book xxx

Epidurals reduce endorfins which may reduce your babys comfort thou you are fealing less pain.They can also made our baby feal down . They cause your tempreture to rise so the baby may be treated for fever/infection.

IV fluids may distort your nipple and breast shape making latching harder.

Catecholamines are fight of flight hormones and can be triggered by being in a new envoroment (like trasfering to hospital) or unknown people and will stop or stopwdown labour befor transition starts. Its a primal reaction so you only have your baby in a safe place . If triggered after transition they will speed up labour.

Colostrum coats an antiinfective coating on new intestines and stimulates first bowl movements.]

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